Still Roaming

It’s been a while. Mostly I do updates on Instagram—scroll below the post to see entries. You don’t have to sign up to view & read, though the nasty Facebook Empire (owners of Instagram) might nag you.

Great Basin National Park remains the most underrated in the nation, but it’s been full every night since reopening. Lots of pent up demand from cabin fever shelter-in-place folks.

I got new tires in Cedar City, Utah, a couple of weeks ago. Michelin Anakee Adventures, which are a bit more aggressive off-pavement at the cost of some road noise on-pavement—I can hear them a bit when cornering whereas the previous Bridgestone Battlewings were always silent. I like how the new tires handle, both on and off road. Hopefully they also last a long time. They’re dual-compound, harder rubber in the center for highway longevity and softer rubber on the sides for cornering and off-pavement grip.

A fine campsite with the soothing white noise of a creek. I sleep very well.

I’m currently at Great Basin National Park, soaking in the beauty as a normal camper rather than a campground host. So much more relaxing! I’ll probably head to the Ely, NV, area next then wing it from there. We’ll see how it goes.

If you stand still and enjoy the experience, sometimes wildlife approach out of curiosity. Yes, that’s a wild turkey waiting its turn on the path behind the mule deer.

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