It Ends As It Began

When I was a kid I loved strawberry shortcake. I was once given the opportunity to eat as much as I wanted because it was going to go bad, so I greedily did. I got sick. And I have never liked it again the way I once did. For years after I could not stomach the thought of tasting it. I got my fill of it, you might say.

To wrap things up, after visiting Colorado and most of Utah until late August, I traveled back through northern Arizona and its mountains, ending up in a Prescott campground and then shooting down the mountain very early in the morning to beat the heat to where my motorhome was in storage north of Yuma, Arizona. That was on the 21st of September. It’s been very hot but also quiet and ever so relaxing without UTVs raging around, generators going all night long, inebriated/drugged youngsters literally howling at the moon, neighbors sharing their taste in music with me. Loudly…

Both in Utah and particularly in the Arizona mountains, it was crowded as all get-out. Even weekdays. Like nothing I’ve ever seen in my nearly ten years of full-time RVing. The only obnoxious behavior I avoided, blessedly, was campfire smoke due to the strict fire bans everywhere.

The annoyances were magnified by having no insulated walls between me and my fellow human beings. Living with a hammock as my only sleeping quarters got old. To the point that I felt like screaming. Thus my early return to the hellish heat of Yuma, AZ, where it’s been an average of 105° every day. No air conditioning.

Today it might drop below triple digits for the first time since my return. Or close to it. This weekend—Sunday—it might get down to 90° as a high. What a relief!

Anyway, complaints aside I’m glad I did the nearly 5 month motorcycle camping tour. Had I not, I would have always wondered what it might be like and the itch would never have gone away. I can’t say I’m as sick of it as I was of strawberry shortcake, but I certainly have had my fill. It’s back to full-time RVing for me, gladly, and the end of this blog. Thanks for reading, all three or four of you!

4 thoughts on “It Ends As It Began

  1. What an adventure you had and good time to be on the motorcycle to get away from people. I am so looking forward to Fall and the cooler weather. Being in CA, all this heat and fires it’s been tough. Thanks for taking us along and enjoy the comforts in your rolling home.


    • You’re welcome, Tina. The heat is finally easing up and I hope the fires cease soon. I have family up near Calistoga, California, who had their cottage burned down a few years back during one of these fire seasons and now their new one is threatened.


  2. Bad luck is hard to talk about, and you certainly had plenty of it, with your motorcycling coinciding with a busy and noisy camping season, thanks to to Covid business.


    • Yeah, it started out quiet with everyone sheltering in place. But with everything shut down, including parks and campgrounds, it was hard to resupply. Especially water since I could only carry so much on the bike. Spigots and drinking fountains shut off everywhere so that cooties wouldn’t spread. I had to buy bottled stuff.

      Then the floodgates were opened and it occurred to people with cabin fever that camping in the woods was a “safe” recreational activity, so they bought up all the RVs and OHVs they could find.

      Kids schooling from home, adults working from home—they, too, suddenly realized that “home” could be in a RV away from the cities and towns.

      Full-time RVers had their options constrained by lots of the usual places such as New Mexico state parks closed to overnight use (they still are) and open campgrounds halving their available sites in order to create more distancing between campers.

      So much combined to make it an unexpectedly bad year for a lengthy motorcycle camping tour. The riding was fun, I’m not sick of that, but the camping conditions and logistics mostly sucked.


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