Rays of Sunshine

Nothing brightens my day like a helpful, cheerful attitude and a smile when I expect the usual “don’t bother me” face.

Of necessity I have made a habit of visiting a post office days before an expected General Delivery parcel. Why? Because more and more of them will send the package back to the sender the next day if you have not signed up in person to receive at that location. The clerks are usually grumpy about bringing out the signup sheet—they make it clear that they wish they could refuse you—it’s therefore a task I do not look forward to.

So today when I stepped into the Hatch, Utah, post office I was surprised and pleased that the woman running that tiny location was cheerful and helpful about it.  She seemed a bit confused when I inquired if I had to sign up for general delivery and after I related how at other places they would bounce a package if it’s not done she said, “Oh, we’re more friendly here.” No need to register, they’ll hold it for a month, and she asked my name and assured me she’d put it aside for me.

I’ve searched my memory and have only come up with maybe three other post offices of this caliber in the past nine-point-five years of full-time travel: Baker, Nevada; Los Ojos, New Mexico; and Tierra Amarilla, New Mexico. The latter two are only a couple miles away from each other.

It’s a rare experience, something to savor and rejoice about. It helps sweep away the accumulated negative opinions about my fellow human beings. I need to return the favor by treating others that way, as best I’m able with my cynical personality.


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