The Fourth

I seem to have lucked out for the holiday weekend. My secluded dispersed site near the eastern Sierras has been visited only once in the past five days and not at all since Wednesday afternoon. The bumpy, sandy forest road getting in here is bordered by encroaching sagebrush, making them too narrow to avoid paint being scratched on four-wheeled vehicles. That may be part of the reason.

No noise. Nobody else visible. And, blessedly, no campfire smoke! Fires are banned outside established metal campfire rings in developed campgrounds for the rest of this year in Inyo National Forest. Heck, you even need a campfire permit to use a gas stove—obtainable online for free. I have the PDF stored on iPhone & iPad to show if needed for my little propane burner.

As I mused in a previous post, it wouldn’t surprise me if such bans were extended to next year… and the next… and the next…

And so I shall be enjoying this Independence Day to the fullest by soaking in more of the silence and breathing in the wonderfully clean air. I hope you enjoy today as well, in whatever way you prefer.

P.S.—Reminder: this blog’s URL reverts to in a week, after July 11th.